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The Mystery of the Bulutana Pine Forest that has not been revealed

The Bulutana Pine Forest, which is located in Bulutana Hamlet, Mattampawalie Village, Lappariaja District, which has recently been visited by teenagers and even the elderly, not only from the surrounding population but not a few of these pine forests also comes from a fairly remote area. what is the attraction of this pine forest? and why only now are people visiting it?

at first glance this pine forest in Bulutana looks like a pine forest in general.
The area is still relatively small compared to the pine forest in the neighboring area in the Pine Malino Forest, Gowa Regency.

various visitors
some come alone, some come in pairs even though they are not partners (we will not discuss that now )
some of the visitors to this pine forest had different answers when we asked
what invites them to this pine forest
some are just curious, some are just for recreation
not a few answered that they wanted to unravel a pine forest myth
and almost all answered because the road leading to the pine forest can only be passed by vehicle
it seems that this Bulutana Pine forest can be a tourist destination
seen from the enthusiasm of local residents and visitors
which is very unfortunate there are still many visitors who are not disciplined in terms of cleanliness
trash strewn everywhere
so our points to see this bulutana pine forest are:
• quite spacious for a tourist spot
• the temperature is quite cold like a pine forest in general
• The view is good, plus there’s a waterfall not far from there
the question about why this is the first time it’s crowded
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The answer that makes the most sense is “because the road to get there is already passable by vehicles”
as for the answer to the myth of the pine forest, we will discuss it in “the myth of the pine forest” (red)

Bulutana Pine Forest among the unseen myths

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